Stephen Catlin / chairman and ceo, Convex

Stephen Catlin began his insurance career in 1973 joining BL Evens & Others, Syndicate 264 at Lloyd’s. In 1982 he became deputy underwriter, specialising in the excess of loss and energy accounts where he was supported as a market leader. He founded Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited in 1984, which later became part of Catlin Group Limited. Stephen served as the Catlin Group’s Chief Executive throughout its history and also served as the active underwriter of Lloyd’s Syndicate 1003 and later Syndicate 2003 until May 2003.

He assumed the position of Executive Deputy Chairman of XL Group Ltd from May 2015 (upon the completion of XL’s acquisition of Catlin Group Limited) to May 2017. From May to December 2017, he acted as a special advisor to XL’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike McGavick.

In April 2019, Stephen and Paul Brand founded international specialty insurer and reinsurer, Convex Group Limited.